Benefits of joining ISHRAE

  • A Premiere Technical Society exclusively for AC & R community.
  • Membership for individuals only, No Corporate Membership.
  • Provides excellent networking opportunities to interact with other Professionals, Industry Leaders and key decisions makers in the Profession and Industry.
  • Provides an excellent forum for professional development and continuous training & Re-training on both fundamentals and latest products & technologies available worldwide.
  • Provides a platform for effective marketing and launching of new products and technologies through exhibitions, product presentations and advertisements.
  • Provides an International exposure through International Associates.
  • Easy access to all ISHRAE Technical Publications, Software, Workshops, Conferences and Training Programs.

Membership Plan

Membership Renewal Plan

  • Overseas Members can view E-Journal in their profile once they Log in.
  • Members shall download their Membership Certificate, Card in PDF format.
  • Invitation to all ISHRAE National level Conferences, Workshops, Training Programmes and other Activity information through mails.
  • Access to ISHRAE website, SearchO’ and other publication – Online Version.
  • Member Discount for Participating in Technical Seminars during ACREX and other Major Events and Access to ISHRAE Lounge during ACREX.
  • Can Attend Webinars.
  • Member can access Knowledge Bank of Ishrae.
  • Members can access Ishrae HQ for any query directly, since they will be catered from HQ.
  • Can attend programs of any chapters , sub- chapters when being in India, depending the program is free or can be charged , if being charged to other Indian Ishrae members, how ever discount of ISHRAE member will be applicable.


ISHRAE has been proudly sponsoring innumerable International and Domestic events, spreading endless insight on HVACR industry. Every Event organized under ISHRAE, holds a specific place towards building a new technology world.